2020 Star Wars week!

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And here we are again, May the 4th, Happy Star Wars day!!! Every year on this day we have the excellent excuse (not that we need it) to re watch all the movies…and let our minds wander in a galaxy far far away, forgetting the outside world, at least for a few hours…
And to celebrate it I’m having a Star Wars week Sale in my shops on Etsy and Ravelry, 15% off on all my patterns for a week!
Enjoy the day, keep watching movies or doing what you love…and may the force be with you…

(I’m quite proud of myself, I managed to finish designing Lukes’s pattern a few hours ago! And now to focus on designing the PDF)

🌑 Find Chewbacca’s pattern here and doll here.
🌑 Leia’s Pattern can be found here.
🌑 and Luke’s Skywalker pattern is ready here.

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