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Luke Skywalker’s pattern is finished!

Well, it’s been weeks since it’s almost finished, but I got sick (nothing serious, just a really strong cold) and then, obviously, the little one got sick and then, of course, the other adult got sick. So I didn’t have much time to use the computer to finish the last details.

But now that everything returned to normal (well, “normal”, nothing in this house is ever normal and anyway, what is normal nowadays?) I was able to finish it! And I couldn’t have done it without the incredible help of my testers (they are truly amazing) who worked around the clock between jobs to finish it. Eternally grateful to them.
And you can see their work on their Instagrams

(In order of picture)

Special thanks to 2 amazing girls who couldn’t make him but who helped me a LOT with my spelling (@oriana.baric) and with the Portuguese translation (

I really hope you like him!

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