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Ahhh, that satisfaction when things start to turn out as you had planned, and once you get past that obstacle everything starts to flow magically…⠀

I’m being a little absent because I’m preparing my son’s 2-year-old birthday (these kinds of things stress me out and cause me a little of anxiety, that’s why I don’t celebrate my own birthdays) and everything is going quite well, I think… and I may even finish his gift on time! Something that is pretty incredible for me hahaha (hey, if we don’t laugh at ourselves we are done). And this image is part of that gift, that I will show you step by step and then I think (I hope) it will be a free pattern (if everything goes as planned).

Question, does anyone know the name of the stitch made with the dark thread? I am sure I have seen it somewhere, and I am pretty sure that I did not invent anything new.

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