The face of the moon…

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Yay! I’m getting there!!!

I like it I like it…and because it’s an ornament (and to shorten times) it occurred to me that instead of joining the details to the face by sewing them, I will directly attach them with fabric glue…

Ahhhh what a pleasure!

Finish the piece, think where I want it, apply the glue, DONE!

I can become addicted to this method very easily because of how lazy I am, but I know that I cannot use it in everything I do, more than anything in the amigurumis that are for the little ones, although I must tell you that it stays super glued!

Can you think what I’m doing? It is the main character of a music video for kids (and adults, I love the art, and the lyrics, and the melody…everything!) Of a group of Argentinian musical artists.

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