Tired moon…

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And here it is the finished gift I made to my little one. It is based on the magnificent original art that @columpio_estudio made for the beautiful song of the group @canticuenticos called “Luna Cansada” (means “Tired Moon”) that fills our home with its beautiful melody before the little one goes to bed.

Here is a link to the song in youtube:

He (and we) really enjoyed this song, and it occurred to me to make his own moon for his room. And it worked! Because every time he sees it he points to it and with a huge and beautiful smile he says “Moon” and then he points to each of the stars saying “star” to each one of them (He’s finally starting to speak! so the word repetitions don’t bother us in the least šŸ„°). So more than happy that he liked it, and I hope you like it too.

My main idea is to make this pattern free and publish it on my site (under construction) once it is finished, so I will keep you posted.

Song – Canticuenticos: www.canticuenticos.com.ar
Original design – Columpio Estudio: bit.ly/Behance_Rennes_StaFe
Crochet design – @onpoki

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