Playing with different yarn weights…

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I love when you guys tag me in your photos because it gives me the possibility to see the versions that you make of my designs. And one of them that I always wanted to reproduce is the version of @wovenforela that makes them with DK weight yarn (that is a light weight – 8 ply, while the one I use, Aran, is medium weight – 10 ply).

And the last time I placed an order for yarn I decided to add a few on that size and here it is! I always say in my patterns that you can use any thread to make them (as long as you use the corresponding hook for that thread) and that the only thing that will change is the result.

So here is the example: I made the little Chewie with a DK yarn and a 2.5 mm needle and the other with Aran yarn and a 3.00 mm needle.
The next version I do, what could it be? Hairy maybe?

🌑 Find Chewbacca’s pattern here and doll here.

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