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I was asked to make this little girl (I’m thinking about calling her Chloe) for a newborn baby… and you know how happy that make me 😊. And that happiness came at the exact moment I was needing it, so I’m really grateful for this request. And while I was making her I decided to start making the pictures to make her (and Tombo) their deserved pattern…

Is there anyone interested on testing her/him? I will need 2 tester for the English version, and if someone would like to translate it in any other language I will really appreciate it 🤩.

The pattern is not ready yet, and it might take a while, so I will choose a few and then sent you a message when the pattern is ready to see if you are still interested/able to test it.

I really hope you guys liked her!

🌸 While I’m working on her pattern you can find the finished amigurumi here.

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