Damn algorithm…

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Apparently Instagram is playing a trick on many of us. We are not having the same amount of likes or comments, and that, because we are sharing things we create, parts of us, makes all our insecurities come out, it makes us feel that we are doing something wrong, it makes us mad,⁠ it depresses us, makes us think that all the effort we make is not worth it. And it is not like that, it is Instagram with its damn algorithm that tries to take the joy out of what we do, it stresses us with its new nonsensical rules.

But luckily here we have Augusto the ghost who comes to share his love with the whole world and tell you that we are not alone, many of us are going through the same thing and all we can do is continue creating with the passion and love that we always put in and try that the algorithms do not take away our joy or sleep ❤.⁠
👻 August the ghost: @onpoki

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