Frankie’s pattern is ready!

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Frankie’s pattern is ready to go! And this is thanks to my super testers @superganchillera and @mixedkreations and the super translator @amigurumizando… Thank you thank you thank you! You are truly amazing!

So, here he is, and this is not the creepy and vengeful monster we know from the book, it’s quite the opposite, this little being was created for the sole purpose of giving and receiving love (and looking super cool with his jacket and fashionable hairstyle).

And as a plus…once you finish him you can scream “It’s aliiiiiiiive” (you can add a maleficent laugh too) and that’s really fun.

And also, because yesterday was my birthday and because I am truly grateful that despite everything that is happening in the world you continue to support me and, in this way, help me to continue learning and continue creating. I am offering a 40% discount on all my patterns on Etsy and Ravelry. Seriously, I am incredibly grateful for your help ❤

🎃 Find Frankie’s pattern here

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