:: Color change ::

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To change to a different colour we will have to make the change one stitch before the one that needs to be worked in a different colour (this makes it tidier). For this, we will need to change colour on the last yarn over of the last stitch before the new colour needs to be used.

We can make the next stitch in 2 different ways, which will make the colour change look a little different.

Option 1 – Make a SC (US) – DC (UK)

This is the most used option and the one that is best when we want to make a detail of color in the middle of our work.

Option 2 – Make a slip stitch in the back loop.

This option makes the color change look a little neater, for people who do not like the noticeable seam that leaves option 1.
As you can see, The difference is really minimal, but as it is not complicated to do, I think it is worth it.
If you really don’t like how the seam looks, and if that doesn’t bother you… I really admire you… I would love not to care about it.

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