:: Method to finish an open piece ::

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To make the fastening off of an open piece tidier instead of finishing it with a slipt stitch we are going to do the following.

  • When we reach the last stitch of our round we will cut the yarn and pull it out completely (photos 1 and 2).
  • With the help of the tapestry needle we will insert the yarn below both loops of the second stitch from our last stitch (photo 3), replicating the first stitch of that round.
  • Pull the yarn just enough to look tidy and reintroduce it between the 2 loops (from above) of our last stitch (photo 4) thus creating a false sc/dc, pull the yarn until the false sc/dc looks the same size as the one below.
  • To hide the yarn inside your work weave it into your work as shown in photos 5 and 6, and then make a knot or lose it inside your work.
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