:: Vertical stitch to join open pieces ::

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This type of stitch to join open pieces will make the joint less visible.
In these pictures I’ll use a contrasting color of yarn so it’s visually easier, but you should use the long tail of yarn that was left when fastening off one of the pieces.
Every time you make a stitch I recommend you to draw all the yarn through and pull a little to make it tight, NOT TOO MUCH! Just enough to close the opening, if you pull too hard the joint will fold over itself and make it more visible.
If you are not using this method to follow one of my patterns I recommend that the number of stitches on the last round of both pieces to join be the same.

  1. With the help of the tapestry needle insert the long tail of yarn vertically between the stitches of the other open piece (head), from behind the stitch as shown in photo 1. Draw the yarn through.
  2. Now insert the needle between the stitches of the other piece (body), we are always going to insert the needle through the same stitch we went through before in that piece (photo 2). Draw the yarn through.
  • Repeat until finished joining the pieces. Remember to pull the thread every time you finish a stitch.
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